Future believes he's a bigger musical figure in the streets than Jay-Z.

On Friday night (Dec. 17), Hendrix was apparently feeling himself and went on Twitter to boast. "I’m the only one can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh," Future posted. "Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh."

"In the streets im bigger then jigga," the Atlanta rhymer added. "Ima run me a b up easy." In follow-up tweets he typed, "100M’s not the goal anymore...What’s on your Xmas list?? Mines getting everything they want...Ima save the rest for 2022. LOVE."

However, it was the Jay-Z comparison the had many people divided in the comment section. "That 'in the Future, other niggas playing football with your son' bar still keeps you up at night, huh?" one person replied, bringing up Jay-Z's "Kill Jay-Z" line where he referenced Future's parental issues in 2019.

"Too much cap on this app," one person tweeted along with an accompanying meme.

"Bigger than who?" another Twitter user posed, along with a GIF that read "Don't be ridiculous."

Future had some people who were on his side in the debate, too. "You're not wrong here," a Hendrix fan posted via GIF.

"No Cap tho," another person posted.

Others agreed, with the qualifier being "in the streets."

After releasing the platinum High Off Life album in May 2020, and Pluto x Baby Pluto with Lil Uzi Vert last November, Future has been quiet in 2021, appearing on several songs throughout the year as a feature artist but not releasing any new solo projects. Fans were hoping to at least get the Monster 2 mixtape Hendrix teased last November. He is currently prepping that project, a new solo album and Super Slimey 2 with Young Thug, Lil Baby and Gunna.

Check out more responses to Future's Jay-Z claim below.

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