As ghouls and goblins run amok ("amok amok amok!") outside, the creepy atmosphere of Halloween is compounded by the classic horror films on our collective televisions. And while plenty of us enjoy a good cinematic scare, others prefer their Halloween movie marathon with a pinch less Michael Myers and a dash more Harry Potter.

If you're of the scaredy-cat variety, then do we have a treat (no trick, we swear!) for you.

Below, discover 25 of our favorite non-horror movies—from Disney's cult classic Hocus Pocus, to Tim Burton's iconic The Nightmare Before Christmas and the still-hilarious The Addams Family—perfect for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

Bonus fun for unabashed horror movie lovers: Try your hand at our ultimate scream queens trivia quiz AND our horror movie music quiz!

25 Scaredy Cat-Approved Halloween Movies

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