I love when people get creative with holiday lawn decorations. It used to be just a Christmas thing which people would put up cool lights and ornaments on their lawns for others to enjoy whilst passing by.

Now, it's spread a bit to include Halloween. And, man! Let me tell you, some folks have got quite the knack for arranging spooky decorations. And a handful of truly creative individuals have brought their A-game to the occasion, and truly decked their halls will all things Halloween.

I asked you for suggestions on where the best displays in the greater Bangor area were located. You did not disappoint! Here's a sample of where to head for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

This all started with a display I noticed driving down 5th St. in Bangor, on my way to drop my son off at school. As we pass this place every morning, my kids just love to point out all the different things they can spot. It's my understanding that the display really comes to life with lights at night, so keep that in mind.

Another spooky spot to check out is this house on Third St. in Bangor. The creepy tree-hangers, as I call them, are cool. But I really liked the stalk-er skeletons lining the sidewalk.

I pass this display every time I hit up Wallgreens on Union St. At first it was just the webbing. Then my daughter pointed out the "the spiders seem to have caught a person!"

I saw some cool decorations on Coombs St. over by the park as I was making my way through the "tree streets" towards the Halloween Headquarters that is Maple St. in Bangor.

Maple St. in Bangor always boast some great decorations. This one was all about spiders.

This one on Maple even had a cool spider skeleton, which I don't believe is an actual thing, but it's Halloween--a season centered around things that don't make sense to science, so we'll totally let that one slide!

I spotted a bunch of creepers "hanging" around this porch on Maple St. But the creepiest thing of all was at long-armed white lady!

The most elaborate Maple St. display was all about Zombies! And these decorators did a great job with the little details!

We crossed the bridge and drove down Parker St. in Brewer, where we found this disturbing scene!

From there, we made our way to Gilbert St. in Orono. It was just before dusk, so things looked really creepy with the lights. They have an awesome display!

These skeleton sailors I found on 15th St., while being detoured for the 3-millionth time from Ohio St. to Union St.

The last place I headed to was Constitution Ave. in Hampden. It did not disappoint! Holy smokes, this person's got a ton of dead folks on their lawn!

And the size of those spiders! They're practically the size of that truck in the driveway!

The lady who put up this creepy couple says she decorates every year, just for her grand-kids!

So there you have it, my list of cool places to check out Halloween decorations in the greater Bangor area. Know of any more? Share some pictures with us on our Facebook page!

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