Authorities in Belfast on Tuesday issued a safety alert after a string of drug overdoses -- two of which were fatal -- in the city.

Police say, since Friday, other overdose incidents were reported, one involving a victim who was revived with Narcan by a Waldo County Deputy. The Waldo County General Hospital reported an additional five overdose patients since Friday.

"The Waldo County Sheriff's Department, Belfast Police Department and the Waldo County General Hospital want to share our concern regarding the latest string of overdose incidents," police said in a statement. "These incidents may very well be the result of an abnormally high potency of drugs in our area. Because of this information we want the public to be informed of the increase of drug overdose incidents."

The Waldo County General Hospital reminds people suffering from drug addiction that they have openings in their "MET" program and encourage those seeking help to contact them at 338-2500.

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