This is the time of the year we really get into family and close friends. Most of us do. Some however don’t, and have a tough struggle during the holidays.

BARN, the Bangor Area Recovery Network will once again this holiday season offer around the clock support. The BARN facility on Center Street in Brewer will be open for 24 consecutive hours.

Friday, Christmas Eve at Noon until Saturday, Christmas Day at Noon.

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For those struggling with issues, there is support at the peak time of those anxious hours.

BARN will be open and so will their ears be open. Sometimes all it takes to get through to the next day is someone to listen.  They are there for just that, and more. Support for people who are struggling.  But also they will have food, and also meetings scheduled over the 24 hour period Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.

For a safe and sober holiday drop into the BARN and participate. They know what people are going through facing issues at Holiday times, and are there for you.

They did the same 24 hour around the clock support schedule at Thanksgiving, and will also be open and running events again over the New Year holiday. Open next Friday the 31st at Noon, for 24 hours ending Saturday the 1st at Noon.

Happy New Year. Make it a safe and sober one, with the volunteers and staff at Bangor Area Recovery Network. They are there for you.  Just reach out.

BARN's core beliefs are

  1. Recovery is a Process
  2. Many Pathways to Recovery
  3. Recovery overcomes Shame & Stigma
  4. Supporting Recovery is a Community Responsibility

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