The Maine Department of Transportation has got some big projects coming up this summer, causing some driving headaches.

The $8.8 million repair job is one of many jobs the DOT will tackle over the next few years. Because the heavily traveled bridge stretches over a busy section of I-95, the replacement of the bridge is considered a high priory project.

The City of Bangor says there will be signs and suggested detour routes well in advance of the bridge project. Officials say plans are still not firmly set, but once they are, detour messages will be put out to help drivers plan in advance.

The Union Street bridge won't close completely but will be reduced to two lanes. The two lanes heading towards Bangor International Airport are expected to close first. The four lane bridge sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis, delays are expected when the bridge only has one lane in each direction. About 18,000 cars cross the bridge daily.

Don't forget with this work on the bridge, below on Interstate 95 lane shifts, lane closures and full closures. Full closures will be only during 32 nights of overnight work so crews can remove and replace large beams.

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