It's been a costly 'good ol' Maine winter.'

The Maine Department of Transportation still has five weeks until they consider it the end of the winter season. That's quite a bit more work to go, and they've already gone $10 million over budget. It appears the Farmers Almanac was correct in predicting a good ol' fashioned Maine winter.

The Maine DOT usually spends about $15.7 million plowing and treating Maine roadways. They attribute the over spending on weekend storms that coated roads in ice and required overtime pay for workers who needed to treat roads before, during and after storms

All this costly snow is going to put some simple summer construction projects on hold. Major projects outlined in the latest work plan will still happen, including the repair of Union Street bridge in Bangor. Some small scale tasks like tree trimming, mowing and culvert replacements will likely be cut back.

On the local side, Bangor Public Works usually spends $1.25 clearing the city streets. By winter's end that number should also be exceeded.

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