We love Kimmy Gibbler!

Our pal Danny Cashman isn’t letting the Coronavirus pandemic slow him down, quite the contrary in fact. In a time where we are all stuck indoors and looking for entertainment, Danny is continuing his locally based program, The Nite Show with Danny Cashman every week from his home.

On last Saturday’s episode, Danny scored an awesome guest. Andrea Barber is known to generations of TV fans as Kimmy Gibbler, the perky and slightly annoying neighbor to the Tanners on "Full House," and of course she reprised the role on the smash Netflix reboot "Fuller House." Andrea has a brand new book, "Full Circle," in which she writes about the show, with some fun behind the scenes details, and her personal experience and battles with anxiety and depression.

We thank you Dan for continuing to bring us some laughs during the difficult time. Be sure to catch The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, Saturday nights at 11:30 on WABI TV5/Bangor, Saturday nights at 10:30 on FOX 23/Portland, Saturday nights at 12 midnight on WAGM FOX 8/Presque Isle, and late night Saturdays at 1 a.m. on WGME CBS 13/Portland.

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