You may recognize Stephen King's house, The Time Out Pub, in Rockland, and the University of Maine, in these clever clips.

Some Theatre Company, located inside The Bangor Mall, leads a culturally diverse collective of local artists that provide a quality, accessible, and affordable theatre arts experience for the Bangor community, and beyond.

Some Theatre Company is a non-profit organization that has come up with a fun way to not only raise some funds but entertain you at the same time. Some of the members of the company are having Lip Sync Battles.

Since the people participating in this Lip Sync battle are part of the theatre company, they are super talented actors, so when you watch, you are getting so much more than a typical lip sync video. They are really creative and well done. The songs cover a wide range of genres.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page to find out what Some Theatre Company is all about, and enjoy all of these fun & creative lip sync videos! And, don't forget about their website

Tequila-Jake Sherburne

Tribute-Shayne Bither

I Dont Know What Were Talking About-Christy Bruton

Pour Some Sugar on Me-Brad Fillion

I got it from Agnes-Jess Weiner

Musical Compilation-Jake Sherburne

Call Me Maybe-Becky and Zack Adams

Never Ending Story, Stranger Things Style-Quinn

Pet Semetary - Eowyn

Maine Stein Song-Negina Lowe

Gangnam Style-Brad Fillion

The Book of Mormon-Jake Sherburne

True Colors-Becky Adams

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