It's been a few years, so the time has come to crown a new champ!

In honor of March Madness, and St. Patrick's Day, once again we would like to acknowledge all the hard-working ladies & gents who serve up our favorite brews and cocktails here in the Bangor area.

We all have that one place we love to go, whereas the song says, "Everybody Knows Your Name" and also, we all have that one person we love at your go-to watering hole. With that in mind, we would like you to vote, and vote often, for the best drink slinger in town.

You have until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 20 to cast your votes. When we close down the voting, the Bangor area bartender with the most votes, will win a $100 Visa Gift Card for their troubles, so show them some love!

If we left your favorite off the list, by all means, write them in, and we will update our poll!

Here's a link to our general contest rules.

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