Nothing sparks a conversation in the State of Maine like the one about potholes, especially now that the winter is winding down and the potholes are on every street, boulevard and intersection.

So, here we are. We are in it and those dreaded potholes are E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.  People can NOT get over the fact that so many potholes exist and are explicit in their ire for the road obstacles, especially when they do damage to your car.

Remembering an internet classic

Having potholes on the roads is not just a Maine problem, it's a problem felt wherever the ground freezes and public roads are located. While we share the burden of crappy roads with other areas of the nation and beyond, sometimes having a sense of humor about the situation creates a bond that connects your pain and irritation with other people in your situation. This brings us to the old internet classic of pouring yourself a pothole full of cereal.

People worldwide were grabbing a carton of milk, a spoon, and a favorite box of cereal to make light the absolute absurdity of how deep potholes get.  Additionally, it's absolutely disgusting and absurd to crouch down to a pothole, pour yourself a bowl of cereal, and munch away at a roadway blemish- not to mention dangerous. But, it is entertaining to watch, especially when it's something that personally causes you a little bit of misery.

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Onto the cringe-worthy and entertaining videos

This guy's from Montreal and takes sort of a " the Dude" approach with his robe, flip flops, and Jesus hair and beard.  Cereal of choice: Fruit Loops.

This guy is the latest.  He's a student from Michigan.  Cereal of choice: Lucky Charms.

This next one isn't as absurd because it involves a radio station.  But, the reason for the feast was to raise pothole awareness in the Fargo, ND region due to one of the on-air people breaking the struts on their vehicle due to potholes.  It was done for a good cause.  Cereal of choice: Cocoa Puffs.

I think the point of these videos is partially to call attention to the ridiculousness of our road conditions but you must admit that you are jealous that they don't have to wash a bowl after eating up.  It's inspiring, really.

While I don't plan on doing this and would not encourage anyone else to do it, it does give me a giggle. Seeing as though potholes usually cause irritation may be turning that frown upside down by watching someone interact with a pothole in this way makes you feel a little differently about this roadway headache.

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