'No definitive plans yet,' but Bangor could be seeing more of the trolley

Did you see this trolley on the streets of Bangor New Year's Eve? 

In a recent Facebook post, the Bangor Historical Society hinted that the trolley may soon be apart of the Community Connector services around the Queen City.

Mike Crooker, the city's assistant city manager, said there were "no definitive plans yet" for the trolley in terms of a regular route or schedule. He added the trolley would more than likely be used at special events such as New Year's Eve or the American Folk Festival.

The 1999 cable trolley came to the city about six weeks ago by way of the York County Community Action Corp., with a $3,800 price tag. It seats about 20-25 passengers.

"People liked it," Crooker said, referencing the sentiments of the 30 or so passengers who rode the trolley (for free) on New Year's Eve and a number of Facebook comments.

The trolley is probably better suited to warmer weather, Crooker said, noting the windows could be removed for an open-air experience.

He said if the trolley is put into regular use, it likely would be repainted to more closely match the rest of the existing Community Connector fleet.

Bangor had a trolley system back in the day. Bangor’s Trolley Service ended December 29, 1945.

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