America still loves cars. New cars, sure. But especially old cars. And trucks, too.

There is a Bangor based Facebook group called Bangor Car Meets, and even though Mother’s Day was just last weekend, they are already approaching their fourth car meet of the year.  And the last few meets there were more than 200 autos in attendance. Yes, that’s a parking lot full.

Bangor Car Meets this Friday evening, beginning at 6 p.m. in the parking lot of the previous location of Toys "R" Us in Bangor.

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Before you start polishing up your ride, and getting all psyched up about this Friday night, please consider coming up with a donation for the Old Town Animal Orphanage  Last week they filled a truck bed with non perishable donations. Cash donations are accepted as well. If you can, great. If you can’t, don’t let that influence your decision about attending. Just a way to give back to the community if you would like to do so.

Alright. Friday should be a sunny day with a high around 70.  So a perfect evening to walk around the hundreds of cars and trucks in the Toys "R" us parking lot. Old. New. Classic. Collector. Hot Rods. Perfect Condition. Needs work. Doesn’t matter.  Bring the family, stroll the rows of cars and meet some fellow car lovers.

The meets have been going on for about 10 years. Ty Taylor created the Bangor Car Meets Facebook page and is from Pine State Automotive Enthusiasts:

"Our goal is to create SAFE and FUN car meets in the Bangor area that also offers the chance to give back to our local community.  This all happens because of a team of people helping out."

Hey! No burn outs in the parking lot

Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor
Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor

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