Fans of the novel know it as the "Jade of the Orient." People around Bangor -- a.k.a. Derry, Maine -- know it as the Oriental Jade.

In anticipation of this weekend's premiere of the "IT," the movie based on Stephen King's novel, the restaurant is getting in the spirit of the highly anticipated film, the early reviews for which have been very good.

As part of its "IT"-themed menu, the Jade will feature Pennywise Platter and special fortune cookie “eyeballs,” with eyeball-like features -- like those witnessed by the adult members of the Losers' Club who reunite at the restaurant. (You can see that scene below.) Editor's note: We're kind of glad they chose eyeballs rather than the baby bird!

“We have tourists visit the restaurant all the time because they read the book and know the connection,” said Lilian Lo, one of the family members who own Oriental Jade. “We’re as excited as the rest of Stephen’s fans to see how this movie plays out on the big screen, and we think people will really enjoy the special ‘Jade of the Orient’ menu.”

"IT" is scheduled to open nationwide on Friday, Sept. 8. The special Jade of the Orient menu will be available starting Thursday, Sept. 7. Oriental Jade is located on Bangor Mall Blvd., next to Bangor Mall Cinemas 10.

Now that we think of it, we should probably add the restaurant to our list of the 10 places every Stephen King fan must visit when in Bangor.

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