Today is Election Day and we are running the polls to get our vote on but it's still one more day for people to sway you to vote for their issue or candidate.

By now, you've probably received a few (or many) knocks on your door from local candidates and canvassers and may have had enough of this voting season.  One Bangor resident took matters into her own hands to let people know they are all set with those looking to sway their vote.

Amy Roeder shared a picture on her Facebook of a nice way of saying "thank you but, no thank you" to those canvassers.  She placed some snacks in a camping chair with a sign that reads the following:

"Dear Canvassers,

We already voted, so please save your literature.  Take a snack!"

Offering a snack to the canvassers could be taken as enough of a thank you but the note continued with a formal "thank you" and appreciation for their time and efforts:

"Thanks for what you're doing."

This is an instance when kindness prevails for those seeking a more perfect union.

Inspired?  Go vote!  Find your local polling place.

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