Great news!

This is pretty low. Literally. This woman pointed something out on a lower shelf of a local store and when an elderly woman went to grab it, the person grabbed the elderly ladies wallet. LOW.

As usual, the Bangor Police Facebook page has done a fantastic write up. Let's vanquish some evil today!

Thanking someone that does a favor for an elderly person is one of my favorite things. Even the small, simple deeds should be recognized. Pointing out an item on the lower shelf to enable the senior citizen to locate it is a very nice gesture.

Pointing something out on a lower shelf in order to make the elderly lady bend down to grab it and then using the opportunity to snatch the nice woman's wallet is not a nice gesture. See the difference. I knew you would.

Help us vanquish evil. Help us catch up to the woman depicted in the photograph. She appears to be wearing a name tag, keeps her hair in a long braid and drove away from the scene in a Chevy HHR.

No offense to the designer of the HHR but it does stand out in a crowd. Not in a good way. I never really liked the appearance. It's like a late 50's Chevy pickup fell in love with an with a PT Cruiser and they decided to have children. I digress.

The HHR is silver and WAS sporting black wheels. Could these black wheels be shod with snow tires. Maybe studded snows? I don't know. As a lifetime Mainer, I notice these things. I get the snow tire vibe. It could be that the woman was gathering funding to have the rims changed over to summer tires. If you are the mechanic that does this, give us a call. You don't want to be paid with stolen money.

May 1st was the deadline to get your studded snow tires removed. Maybe this woman was desperate to follow the rules of the road.

The good news is that Officer Kyle Pelkey was able to help the victim cancel her credit cards and other identification quite soon after this woman wandered off toting the stolen goods. He then was able to watch the crime through the miracle of security recordings and now needs your help. The photo of the woman is not that clear but the car should be a clue.

Folks, be careful when someone offers you help in finding things in any retail environment. Make sure that your purse is zipped and kept very close to you. I know there is no current story about a "Bad Samaritan" but when my book comes out, it will be in the first chapter.

Send us a message though Facebook if you know her or send a message and help him out. You can always call the tip and remain anonymous 207-947-7384 Option #6.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone and be kind to one another. We will be here.

Bangor Police Dept

Here's a shot of the vehicle the Bangor Police are looking for. With your help Blimpville, this lady doesn't stand a chance!