Brewer Police took to social media Thursday afternoon to solicit the public's help finding information about some recent suspicious activity. They're not yet certain as to what time the crimes occurred,  but say both incidents happened in the area of Sherwood Forest in Brewer.

"The Brewer Police Department is currently investigating a burglary and an attempted burglary in the Sunset Strip / Starlight Drive area that have occurred recently... In the case where the suspect(s) gained entry to the home, the owners were not present."

They recommend that folks in that neighborhood keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, or vehicles/people that look out of place. Some signs to look for: any new damage or pry marks to windows or doors, or screens that have been removed.

Brewer Police recommend that if residents plan to be away from their homes for extended periods of time, they let either trusted neighbors or the police know to keep an eye on their homes. They also ask that anyone in that area that might have footage of that neighborhood from an outside security camera, to consider sharing that footage with Brewer PD.

"Please contact Detective Corporal Zachary Caron or Detective Sergeant Fred Luce at 207-989-7001 if you have information regarding these incidents or other information about recent property crimes."

Most experts say that it's always a good idea, especially this time of year when the weather gets colder, the sky gets darker earlier, and things like deliveries and mail volume tend to increase, to stay vigilant for anyone who might try to exploit those changes for their own benefit.

If you do ever see anything out of the ordinary, the best thing to do is call your local police/sheriff's department to report it.

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