Bangor's own Facebook chronicler Tim Cotton will be making a public appearance this weekend to promote his latest book.

For two hours, Lieutenant Cotton will be signing copies of his new book 'Got Warrants' at the Bangor BAM on Bangor Mall Boulevard from noon to 2 PM this Saturday, November 13.

The Bangor Police Department lieutenant is well known for his witty Facebook posts which have garnered attention worldwide and have gotten the Bangor PD Facebook page a large following with well over a quarter of a million followers for the social media account.

Lt. Tim Cotton has released a second book called 'Got Warrants?: Dispatches From the Dooryard' last month. The book focuses on real-life situations and that the Bangor PD member has come across, playing on human nature, silliness while bringing humor and humility in the midst of chaos.

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Amazon's description of Lt. Cotton's new book, 'Got Warrants?' describes what we would expect from one of Bangor's most prolific and well-known writers:

"For the hundreds of thousands of followers of the Bangor, Maine, Police Department on social media, the "Got Warrants?" feature brings a regular dose of levity. Pulled straight from daily reports, these short interludes provide a welcome spin on the standard police log. Collected here is a fresh batch of all-true police-related hijinks.

Poking fun at human nature and turning ne'er-do-wells into sages of silliness, Got Warrants? reminds us all to step back, take a deep breath, and try not to take things so seriously."

Bangor BAM made an event that you can follow on Facebook 'Lt. Timothy Cotton Signing'. Follow the discussion and see any upcoming details by following this event page.

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