Shout out to the Bangor Police Department, and Maine Discovery Museum!

Since the kids are stuck at home like the rest of us, the folks at Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, have come up with something they call “Discover At Home” that they have posted on their YouTube Channel.

We all appreciate and support the hard working women and men of the Bangor Police Department who put their lives on the line to keep us all safe every single day. As you can imagine, children have all sort of questions they would love to ask a real, live member of the Bangor PD.

These questions are from little kids, so of course they are adorable. Be sure not to miss the Bangor Duck of Justice chillin out in the background!

Officer Elizabeth Brunton was asked the following questions that were submitted online:
• Why did you want to be a police officer?
• What’s all that stuff on your belt?
• What happens if you lose a handcuff key?
• Why do you have police dogs?
• Why do some officers have dogs and others don’t?
• Why do you have police stations in all separate counties, and not just one?

The Maine Discovery Museum is located in Downtown Bangor, at 74 Main Street. MDM is an awesome place that gives kids and people of all ages a unique learning experience. They encourage creativity, and to challenge all to learn in new and innovative ways. They have fun, interactive exhibits.

Hopefully they will be able to open their doors to public again soon! Until then, check out

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