A Bangor native is giving you a front row seat on his journey to discover what it means to be a modern man.

Nowadays you'll find comedian Ray Harrington living in Rhode Island with his wife and young son. Flashback to September 2013, Harrington had just found out his wife was pregnant and he'd soon be a father. The exciting news left Harrington asking himself, 'what does it mean to be a man?'

Harrington was raised by a single mother without any male influences to guide him into manhood. He realized before he can be a father, he needs to know what it means to be a man. With the help of help from fellow comedians, the film Be A Man, documents Harrington's journey of examining manliness and masculinity in modern culture.

In the documentary, set to be screened at Bangor Mall Cinemas, Harrington learns how to fight like a man by stepping into the ring to face five time world champion, Vinny Pazienza. He’ll also discover his signature drink, give himself a classic straight razor shave, hunt down his very rare dream car and face a jury of women to find out if he can be the man that movies and television had always told him he should be.

Coming up on Sunday,  June 28, Bangor Mall Cinemas will host a special one-night-only screening of Be A Man. Tickets are $10, available online. The screening starts at 7PM, followed by an after party at The Downunder Club at Seasons.

For more info visit BeAManTheFilm.com.