It's no secret that winters in Maine can get cold...bitterly cold. And with school kids across the state spending more time outside during the school day, for mask breaks and what not, it's especially important for kids to have warm coats this year.

One local business is helping in the effort to make sure middle school kids in Bangor have just that; warm coats and shoes, for that matter.

C&L Aviation started working with the James F. Doughty School in 2018. Each year since, they have donated warm winter jackets, and this year shoes for middle school students in need.


"We had, until that time, always bought Christmas gifts for our customers and mailed them all over the world. In 2018 we decided that we would spend that 'Christmas gift money' locally and then show our customers where the money went," said a C&L representative recently.

Their latest donation was for 100 coats and 50 pairs of shoes to be distributed to local school kids.

Facebook: Bangor School Department

"Yes we pick out the shoes and coats ourselves, that way they can all be different and the students can choose ones that match their own style."

Facebook: Bangor School Department

In a Facebook post put out by the Bangor School Department this week, JFDS Principal, Ed Hackett said this year's donation was especially important, and very much appreciated:

"We are thankful for the amazing support that C&L Aviation Group has shown our students and their families. During a time where so many of our families are making difficult decisions about their purchases they can be assured that their students will have a warm coat to wear this winter. Their generosity is greatly appreciated."


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