Don't put off raking, leaf collection is just around the corner.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images
Matt Cardy, Getty Images

It's that time of year again for the crisp air to be filled with the sound of swishing and crunching of raking and the hum of leaf blowers. It's leaf collection time! The city of Bangor will begin to send trucks around the city to collect leaves from all street sides.

Leaf collection beings on October 30th and will continue until all leaves have been removed. Loose leaves should be raked to the side of the road before the 30th. The leaf collectors want you to remember to make sure your leaf pile is clear of all debris like rocks, branches, sticks, and anything else that may damage the collection machines.

To dispose of yard waste not collected by leaf collecting you can take it to the Bangor Public Works Compound at 530 Maine Avenue Monday through Sunday during daylight hours.

Leaf collection trucks will make several passes across the city so it's okay if you are behind on yard work. For more information on leaf collection visit the City of Bangor website here.

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