This Halloween weekend, the Bangor Humane Society is putting on a fun fundraising event and are inviting you and your furry friends and family members.

This Saturday, October 30th the Bangor Humane Society will be putting on a four-hour event full of giveaways, memories to create, and memories to bring home as they wrap up a week-long adoption event at the animal shelter.

Fundraiser From 10 AM - 2 PM

Starting at 10 AM, this fundraising event will be asking for donations while you stop by and pick up a goodie bag for your dog and for yourself. Additionally, dog tags will be engraved on-site and are being made free, too.

Also available at the event will be 15-minute photo sessions to get pictures of you and your furry friends. Whether or not you choose to put them in a Halloween costume, that's up to you. For a donation of $25, you will get 2 - 3 images that will be made available a few weeks after this event.

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Do You Have the Cutest of Them All?

If you have a super cute pet, you could be selected by the staff to appear on the super popular Bangor Humane Society Facebook Page. A prize will be awarded for 'Cutest Pet' AND you'll likely have hundreds of people commenting on the cuteness of your pet, so, really, two prizes.

Bring a sweater because this event will take place outdoors and be mindful of social distancing. Additionally, staff and volunteers at the event will be wearing masks as well.

Keep Up With The Event & Discussion

Check out the Facebook event page 'Fall Pet Portrait Mini Sessions and Fill the Forester Event' hosted by the Bangor Humane Society to keep up-to-date with all the goings-on of the event and sign-up to book your photo session at the link on the about page of the event.

Have fun and good luck to the judges who have to decide which is the cutest. That cannot be an easy job.

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