In case you needed a little inspiration for your Halloween costume, or maybe something for the littles, check out what seems to be Maine's most popular costume purchased for this year's All Hallow's Eve.

And, This Year's Winner Is...

This year's popular costume for Mainers is most likely due to the massive injection of remakes from Hollywood, in particular, the Jurrasic Park franchise. Maine's most popular Halloween costume for 2021 is dinosaurs.

Spooktacular Creations Store via Amazon
Spooktacular Creations Store via Amazon

I'm imagining what could also be included within this category is one of the greatest modern costumes in recent years, the inflatable T-Rex, which has made for some hilarious video views seen across social media.

Rubies via Amazon
Rubies via Amazon

Other states that also had dinosaurs as their most popular costume included Massachusetts, New York State, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Colorado.

Popular Costumes Nationwide

Across the nation, the most popular costumes included ninjas, vampires, witches, spiders, angels, zombies, Mickey Mouse, and Star Wars. Some others that made me scratch my head included Powerpuff Girls in Connecticut, rabbits in Florida, Arizona, and Michigan, dragons in Oklahoma, and doctors in Wyoming.

Curated By All Home Connections

The business that put out the list is All Home Connections, which states that it used last year's trending costumes with data from current Google Trends of 2021 to find the most popular costumes for every state.

How could you make your dino suit a little more dino? Put on an orange vest or some hunting boots. I would also suggest sporting a Patriots, Red Sox, or Bruins hat or go all out and throw on a UMaine Hockey Jersey.

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