Driving by Chick-fil-A yesterday around lunch time.  It is very interesting to see no line wrapping around the building and onto Bangor Mall Boulevard.

For those who don’t frequent Bangor, often Chick-fil-A is closed for some renovations and part of their plan is to re-do their extremely popular drive through.

Not to be too much of a geek, but there is a website that rates the best ice at America’s fast food locations.

And Chick-fil-A has the highest rating for the ice they serve on the list of fast food chains that have local locations. Ice Ice Baby.

Nationally at number one the best ice can be had at Sonic Drive In. But of course Sonic Drive In, isn’t in Bangor. Yet.

So who on the list of fast food places that are in Bangor do you think serves the best ice?

Are you guessing, if Sonic is number one, and Chic Fil A is number two who’s next at number three?

Is it McDonalds. Or Burger King. Or Wendys?

Or maybe it is Dunkin, or Starbucks.

Who are we missing for potentials?

Taco Bell. Chipotle. Pizza Hut.

The answer of next best, is indeed on that list above.

First some fun facts. There are actually fast food places that sell bags of ice. Like some gas stations, convenience stores do. Why not monetize it if you are known for having good quality ice.

And to the list we go from Mashed. Com

And the winner from their survey is Starbucks. And don’t they have a big long list of drinks to use those ice cubes in.

Close-up of Cold latte drink with ice cubes, iced coffee texture.

Ice, you are the unsung hero of our fast food experience. Just don’t  break a tooth crunching an ice cube.

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