We gave you 25 things all Bangorians have to do at least once, here are 10 more in case you finished the first list! You may think you are as Bangor as it gets, but are you?

If you have lived in Bangor your whole life or at least call this city home, you need to cross off everything on this list and our first list. Let us know how much of a Bangorian you are! Have you done everything on this list? Then you are a true Bangorian!

  • Getty Images, Johannes Simon
    Getty Images, Johannes Simon

    Take a Walk On One Of Bangor's Trails

    With more than eight trails to walk in Bangor there has to be one near you! Click here to see the list and locations of all the Bangor city trails.

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    Escape From A Bangor Escape Room

    There are now two escape rooms in Bangor! Bangor Escape Rooms is on Hammond St. and there is a new escape room 'Escape Bangor' on Stillwater Ave. You must escape at least one room at one location to cross this off the list!

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    Take in the View From Top of a Parking Garage

    Drive or walk to the top of one of the parking garages in Bangor to take in the beautiful river view. There is one garage that can be accessed by Pickering Square and the other attached to Hollywood Casino.

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    Take a Ride on a City Bus

    Whether you have places to be or just want to see the Queen City try the local bus system. Do it once and you can say you rode on a bat!...bus. It only takes $1.50 to get you where you want to go.

  • Getty Images, Sergio Dionisio
    Getty Images, Sergio Dionisio

    Dress Up for Halfway to Halloween

    Bangorians can't wait to celebrate Halloween in October so we celebrate halfway to October 31st! Dress up downtown and attend participating bars in costume for spooky festivities in the spring!

  • Amanda McDonald
    Amanda McDonald

    Sit in One of the Bangor Parks

    There are about 20 parks in Bangor! There has to be at least one of them that appeals to you. From parks with play grounds to a park with a pool! There is a park for everyone in Bangor. Here are all the Bangor parks.

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    Ride on One Ride at the Bangor State Fair

    Try not to loose your lunch on the new rides like the 'Freak Out', test your fear of heights on the ferris wheel or test your courage on the infamous 'Zipper'! It doesn't matter what you ride as long as you do it once!

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    Clap in Pickering Square

    This may seem random to those from away, but Bangorians know if you stand in the right spot in Pickering Square and clap your hands the echo that comes back is more of a squeaking sound than the sound of your echo. It's a strange Bangor phenomenon with an unknown origin.

  • Getty Images, Mark Wilson
    Getty Images, Mark Wilson

    Slide Down the Water Slide at Pancoe Park

    The Beth Pancoe Pool is located in one of Bangor's busiest parks. There is no better way to cool down on a hot summer's day than to slide into the pool water here!

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    Talk to a Friar at Friars Bakehouse

    A place where you are served with a smile, and no cell phones are allowed to be used. Oh, and of course delicious food! Trip Advisor reviews rave about this place, and after meeting the staff here you will be too!

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