Much of Maine is bracing for brutally hot and humid conditions late this week.

The National Weather Service is forecasting another big return of hot and humid conditions throughout Maine. Forecasters say: "Tuesday and Wednesday will be sticky and warm, Thursday and Friday will be downright hot, with temperatures around 90°F and heat indices over 95°F in many areas thanks to the high humidity."

According to the NWS, "heat index" is defined as "what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature." The overnight hours Thursday won't bring much relief from the heat, as lows are forecast above 70 degrees.

In addition to the heat and humidity, thunderstorms are possible Wednesday through Saturday.

The Maine CDC recommends those without air conditioners to keep windows and blinds closed on the side of your home with the most sun, and open on the shady side. At night, open all windows and run fans to let the cool air in, and hot air out. For more tips to avoid heat-related illness, visit

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