Coming out of winter, we here in Maine are looking for any sign of spring to give us hope that warmer days are ahead. One thing that is highly anticipated is the opening of area, seasonal ice cream stands. There are plenty around that are just about to open, or have opened already, which gives us that sign that warmer weather is right around the corner.

Here's what we know so far for the ice cream stand season to come in the Bangor area.

Stands opened already

A few stands have already opened their windows for the season. Here's who is already open to treat your sweet tooth.

Jimmie's Ice Cream and Grill, Brewer

March 1st saw the opening of one regional favorite, Jimmies on North Main Road in Brewer.

Fielder's Choice, Bangor

This ice cream stand has also already begun its season. March 7th saw the opening of this ice cream stand for all of their locations across the state, including their stand on Odlin Road in Bangor.


What's to come

A majority of ice cream stands are still shuttered but do have opening days coming soon. Here are the area stands that have an opening date set that we can mark on our calendars.

Gifford's on Outer Broadway, Bangor

Giffords on Outer Broadway in Bangor is getting ready to open for the season. They've just posted their opening date for this Friday, March 18th.


Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat, Bar Harbor

This ice cream stand has already announced their opening date will be May 21st and have even released their menu for the upcoming season.

The Dairy Port, Belfast

We are anticipating the opening of this ice cream stand in just a few weeks: April 2nd is the official start date! This ice cream stand is even trying to ramp up excitement for the opening weekend with an opening weekend flavor. Check out more about that on their website.


What's to come with no official date set yet

Searching on their Facebook pages or websites, these ice cream stands don't have any official dates released yet. But, that means we have to follow them on social media platforms to see when they open their windows. Here's who hasn't announced opening day just yet but what we have seen for opening dates in the past.


Corinth Village Creamery

Corinth Village Creamery hasn't posted an opening date yet, either, but was anticipating their opening by reaching out for scoopers for the upcoming season in January.

Last year, this stand opened April 10th. Another stand we'll have to follow on Facebook to see when their official opening date will be.

Sawyer's Dairy Bar, Newport

This ice cream stand doesn't have any updates for the 2022 season-opening but last year they opened up on April 1st.

Morton's Moo, Ellsworth

While the 2022 season yet has a date set for this area ice cream stand on social media or on its website, last year we saw this stand open April 22nd so we'll have to follow their Facebook for an official date for this season.

Jordan's Snack Bar, Ellsworth

Another popular ice cream stand keeps us in the dark as to when we can anticipate their opening date. It looks like their collectibles are open at the snack bar but no snacks quite yet. But signs of movement are taking shape since they are trying to get staffed for the season. in the past, we've seen that they've been open for May but no official word yet on when the 2022 date is set to begin.


So there you have a few stands already open, some with dates set, and more dates to come when the ice cream will be served. Now, let's cross our fingers for 50-degree weather in the weeks to come.

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