Bangor has some fine businesses that would be nice to have more than one of, as a matter of convenience, for all of those living in the Bangor area.  There are also some businesses we don't have here that we would like to have.

Here's a list of businesses Bangor needs one more of, or at least one of, in 2020.

There's one in Target which is very convenient.  Then, there's another one two minutes away near Bangor Mall Boulevard and.... no where else.  How could there be two Starbucks' within 2 minutes of each other in Bangor and then no where else?  I say put one on Wilson Street in Brewer and for the love of all that is good and decent DO NOT PUT IT ON BROADWAY!  PLEASE!

The hubs and I love having a great cocktail here and enjoy their amazing food.  The intimate restaurant is  the perfect place for a night out.  We need more 11 Central in our lives and perhaps in another location, maybe on the other side of the river ;)

Every time there's chatter about what to do with our emptying mall an IKEA conversation is about to ensue.  It's inevitable.  It would be great to have this international retailer in our midst seeing as though people will travel from Canada to our mall area for their shopping needs.  One factor that goes into the placement of IKEAs, unfortunately for us, is the population density where the IKEA would be which Bangor doesn't have :(  Still, a very popular want for those in the Bangor area.

Let's face it, a lot of people drive down Broadway making it one of Bangor's busiest streets.  It can be messy to get around and frustrating to deal with and it would be great to have an alternative location for one of Bangor's favorite BBQ places.

Lastly, it's an Amazon world we live in and Bangor wants a piece of it.  There's choices: Amazon4Star which is full of merchandise, devices, and books that have earned at least 4 stars on the Amazon website and then you have Amazon2Go which is just food.

What did you think of our list.  Are there any other stores you'd like to see more of in Bangor- or at least one of that we don't have now?

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