No doubt that these are stressful times, but this event would put a smile on the face of the most cynical person you know.

Sometimes you just need to relax, and stop and smell the roses. The world is in a never-ending state of chaos, so wouldn't it be nice to take a break, and forget all your troubles for a few hours? Imagine chilling out and cuddling a baby lamb! Imagine no more, because now you can, at a farm in Maine.

For three weekends in May, you can get the whole family together and take a road trip to Fox Farm in Monmouth. When you get there, you can spoon, cuddle and snuggle, with an adorable baby lamb. If that doesn't put things into perspective, I can't imagine what would.

Fox Farm, is a small family-operated farm in Monmouth, that offers summer camps, birthday parties, visits, fresh produce grown on-site, fresh eggs, a store, and seasonal events. They are inviting you to visit the farm and greet the pigs, horses, cows, & chickens. Then spend you can spend some time cuddling the new baby lambs. You'll be able to go in with the moms and babies and give them some love while you are there.

The baby lamb cuddling events are happening on three consecutive Saturday mornings:

Sat, May 14 10am-12pm

Sat, May 21 10am-12pm

Sat, May 28 10am-12pm

Fox Farm is located at 5 Gilman Road in Monmouth. For more information, you can call (706) 728-1940

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