The Nigerian Prince email scam is so fifteen years ago...

As long as people have been on God's Green Earth, someone else has been trying to separate you from your hard-earned money, in some kind of dishonest way. Whether it's gambling, shady investments, or just out-and-out lies, there are as many ways to steal your money as there are people trying to do it.

If you've paid attention to the news at all in the last few years, scammers have been pivoting and redirecting. We all remember the stupid emails from Nigerian Princes, trying to convince us they just need a place to hide their money, they just need your account info to put it there. Nothing sketchy there at all, right?

There is finally something that can actually be done about it.

The Eastern Area Agency On Aging put a post up on Facebook that showed how AARP has developed an interactive scam map. Basically, you can input your address, zip code, whatever, and the map will show how many scams have been reported in your geographical area. It's very simple to use. Check it out right here.

Older folks are scammed at an alarming rate because technology can be their worst enemy at times. Lord knows it's not hard to find police departments reporting different scams on a regular basis. But a tool like this will tell you how many other people are reporting them, and what type it is. Whether it's by phone or email, for instance.

Hopefully, this can be an awesome new first line of defense to help folks from being separated from their cash. There aren't many more heartbreaking things than hearing about elderly folks being scammed. So let's cross our fingers that this helps bring an end to at least some of it.

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