Ice disks are now all the rage in Maine, after Westbrook saw a spike in tourism over its now world famous one. But with fame and attention comes potential disaster, and the Westbrook ice disk couldn't survive being chainsawed, axed and poured on by Mother Nature. But when one thing is taken, perhaps another is given. Because now Lewiston has its very own rotating ice disk!

Shared on Reddit by PostcardsfromPeter, the ice disk in Lewiston is certainly less formidable than the giant one that formed in Westbrook but no less entrancing. The poster failed to mention WHERE in Lewiston this was spotted, but some of the commenters suggested the formation took place in the Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary.

As for the size of this Lewiston ice disk, don't go chasing waterfalls. The posted pans away from the ice disk in the video momentarily to their dog nearby, and the dog and ice disk share a similar size. Thankfully that means it's highly unlikely anyone from New Jersey will be driving to Lewiston to attempt to carve a peace sign in it. Instead, it's just spinning quietly in a sanctuary, waiting for you to be mesmerized by it.

Enjoy it while you can Lewiston. As the great poet Axl Rose once surmised, nothing lasts forever, even an ice disk in Westbrook.

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