The Ice Castles in North Woodstock, New Hampshire is a can't miss winter attraction. With massive walls of snow, ice, and lights, it's like you're in a scene straight out of Disney's Frozen. Although I'm sure those who build the massive ice sculptures which they had Elsa's superpowers.


(It's also worth noting since it is a pandemic, I would advise Olaf fans to steer clear of warm hugs.)

Each year patrons can find beautiful fountains, tunnels, caves, and ice slides. According to NBC Boston, they will be adding a quarter-mile long magical walk in the forest and a sledding hill. It's truly fun for the whole family or a romantic road trip for two.

Ice Castles New Hampshire

NBC Boston also reported they will be COVID-19 compliant which does include reduced capacity to make social distancing easier. They are expecting to open in January so keep your eye out for tickets to go on sale so you don't miss a moment of the winter wonderland magic.

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