There's a Facebook page for that. Just for fun.


This pole has really changed how people think about the Auburn Walmart. Hell, they could have a 50% off EVERYTHING sale and the first thought people would have would be...but that pole.

Libby Blanchette Surviors of Walmart Yellow Pole
Libby Blanchette Surviors of Walmart Yellow Pole

Now welcome to Survivors of Walmart Yellow Pole Facebook page.


Got something to say? See something? Share away!


One contributor even posted a TikTok video of a, particularly tragic pole day.


There's a lot of sympathy for that poor pole (which went through a color change).


I mean, it's so damn ridiculous - you gotta have a sense of humor about it.


Are YOU a survivor? Have you avoided the Auburn Walmart so you wouldn't have to deal with THE POLE? Are you brave enough? Do you have basic driving skills that would prevent you from crashing your car into the giant yellow pole?

I haven't worked up the nerve to venture to Auburn to try it - but just might one of these days once I increase my insurance.

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