Sure, they aren't Italian loafers, but they do come in handy during the winter!

Causally surfing through Maine Reddit, I came across an amusing question posed by a user. "Be honest: Is this boot ugly? Mainers are brainwashed to like this boot?"

As an owner of several pairs of Bean boots over the years, I would say no, but it did make me think about the question.

After a few minutes of introspection, I came to the conclusion that I love wearing them when I shovel during a snowstorm, but would I casually wear them? Probably not. I am a fan, however.

Bean Boots (originally named Maine Hunting Shoes) are a water-resistant "duck boot" manufactured by L.L.Bean, created in 1911. They are constructed from a rubber sole and a leather upper.

They are considered to be part of preppy fashion due to their classic design and use at elite prep schools in New England. This makes sense because as a kid, all the rich people I knew wore them. They may have had names like Biff, or Muffy. I forget.

Check out the Reddit post, and some very Mainer-like responses to it. And you can be sure when I am shoveling out of my driveway this winter, I will have my bean boots on!


Nope, not ugly.


The first person who I remember wearing them was my second-grade teacher. That imprinted on my brain that they are middle-aged lady boots. I never made a full recovery. 🙂


I'm a Mainer and have always thought they're hideous. They also have terrible traction on ice in my experience. In 1912 they were probably the shit though.


I like the look but they are terrible in snow/ice 100% and not insulated they are not winter boots, good for late spring/early fall only


If you go to the store they will tell you straight up that they have these boots and then actual lined winter boots that look essentially the same. So for the people that are like "these aren't winter boots", they have them, you're just not buying them.


Hundreds of thousands of pairs sold so someone likes them


I just wonder if it's a habit they picked up and never bothered to look for footwear with technology newer than the Titanic.


Came here to say this. Hundreds of thousands of pairs per year. My dad works in the manufacturing


They still work really well for their intended use case: walking in the Maine woods during the fall.


It’s not about style it’s function, they’re classic duck hunting boots that damn near outlive the user. I love them always have, but yeah I think they’re nice it’s not high fashion but they look good with jeans and a flannel.

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