Just like everything else, the annual Wabanaki Winter Market is going virtual this year.

Starting at 11 AM, check out this virtual event on the Hudson Museum's YouTube page and will be filled with demonstrations, storytelling, and performances happening this Saturday, December 12th.

The event is 3 hours long and will provide a virtual experience while sitting from the comfort of your own home with the ability to still be able to check out this cultural experience and still be able to shop for unique and one-of-a-kind items.

Expect to see artists, performers, demonstrations and musicians. Some of the artists featured will include:

  • Barry Dana of the Penobscot who is a birchbark artist
  • Gabriel Frey of the Passamaquoddy who is a basketmaker
  • Jennifer Neptune of the Penobscot who is a basketmaker and beadworker
  • Geo Neptune of the Passamaquoddy who is a basketmaker
  • Eldon Hanning of the Micmac who is a basketmaker
  • Carol Dana of the Penobscot who is a storyteller
  • James Francis of the Penobscot who is a multimedia artist
  • Firefly of the Penobscot who is a singer

The event is put on by the University of Maine's Hudson Museum in conjunction with the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance. Artists featured this year can be seen on the Hudson Museum website.

For more information call (207) 581-1904 and be sure to check out the Hudson Museum - The University of Maine Facebook page for more details.

Check out more about the Hudson Museum's connection with Maine's Wabanaki tribe with these YouTube videos:

Here's one of the featured artists that will be part of the virtual event this year:


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