This will make you Maine-proud.

First, my birthday is coming up. You know how people ask you ‘what do you want for your birthday’ And you tell them, nothing I already have everything?

Well, even though I already have everything, there is something that I want for my birthday.

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First, no more comments about calling the fire department when it’s time to light the candles on the cake.

That’s a lot of candles on the cake


Boy it sure got awful warm in the room all of a sudden.  Oh, the birthday candles were lit

Another thing I want, and I got it.  A day off from work on my birthday. Pretty rare that I work on that day, but it has become a yearly tradition to not work, and to go to the doctor for my yearly physical. Check. Or check-up...from the neck up.

Last thing I am requesting this year is Love to all.

Spread the love.

Know you are loved, and love somebody.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

And here’s a great way to spread the love.

For those who aren’t aware there has been a movement about spreading the love and it started right here in Maine. Penobscot Maine. And now there is also an office in Bucksport.

Joanne Steenberg started the idea of a love card to give to others. She has spent her life doodling the logo in notebooks, letters, and invitations. Everywhere. The symbol of a heart radiating rays of light.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

She gives out The Love Card, a small circular card with the radiating heart and on the flip side the words “you are holding this card because you are loved”

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

And she gives them out everywhere. And in many ways. In-person. By mail. At events.  Any way she can spread the message of Love.

The cards are printed in Maine too. At a 5th generation printing press in Damariscotta. And they have been for all of the 8 years that Joanne has been doing this.

And those cards are now being given out by thousands of people, literally worldwide. Amazing.

Hundreds of thousands of cards. Actually, a quarter of million cards. So far.

With the simple message of love. Self Love, and spreading love to others.  And it is not associated with a religion nor does if have any political affiliation.

Love cards are free if you need them to be.  Or you can purchase them to keep growing the movement, and to help the efforts to distribute the Love cards for free.

Here’s the link to the website.

It warms the heart to know that this is now such a large world wide movement and it started and continues to operate from Penobscot and Bucksport.

All I want for my birthday is more love in the world.

And I already received a Love Card.

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