Ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, OH MY! Immerse yourself in all things strange and unknown at one of Maine's most haunted locations!

Leading cryptozoologist Loren Coleman will discuss his findings on the elusive sasquatch and other strange beasts seen in his collection of unusual in Portland at his Museum of Crypozoology!

Chris Gardner and Cindy Proulx will be discussing unidentified objects in the sky with time for Q&A. Aliens, UFO's, black holes and more!


Don't miss learning all about being a paranormal investigator with the East Coast Ghost Trackers as well as seeing their equipment and evidence. Some of the evidence they have is from Fort Knox!

There will also be multiple psychics and mediums in the fort doing reading throughout the day. The Psychic and Paranormal Faire takes place this Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th from 10-4PM at Fort Knox.

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