Congratulations UAlbany women's basketball team. You are America East Conference champs and the NCAA is sending you to....#1 UConn.

Yup. The Great Danes are seeded #16 and must play the top ranked and undefeated Huskies of Geno Auriemma. UConn is 32-0 and the Huskie have won a record setting 107 consecutive games.

Albany defeated UMaine 66-50 last Friday in the AE championship game.

The first round game will be played on Saturday.

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Former UMaine coach Joanne Palombo-McCallie and her Duke Blue Devils(27-5) earned a #2 seed in the same Bridgeport Regional. McCallie's team plays Hampton in the first round matchup on Saturday.

For the full NCAA Women's Bracket, click here...

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