Dig for gems and minerals at this popular field trip destination, visit Maine mines, and keep what you find!

Maine Mineral Adventures in Woodstock gives you the chance to find your own treasure! Tourmaline, Quarts and more! Dig and sift through pre-mined buckets from mine runs, you'll never know what you'll find!

You can also take a trip into one of the many mines in Maine including Mt. Mica, Ryerson Hill Mines, The Orchard Quarry, The Bennett Quarry, Intergalactic Quarry, and the Albany Rose Quarry.

Maine Mineral Adventures is a great place for school field trips, hobbyists, professionals, and clubs to go for fun and education.

They are open May-October in Woodstock depending on the weather and they are taking reservations for field trips now! They also have a satellite lot in Oxford behind 'One Cow Ice Cream'. Visit their website to see more photos, information, and to reserve your trip!

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