An underage drinking party in St. David on Saturday leads to an OUI arrest, possession and additional charges, plus charges against the 59-year-old homeowner.

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Townsquare Media

Early Saturday morning, Trooper Matt Curtin received an anonymous report of an underage drinking party in St. David. Trooper Curtin responded to the area and located a residence that appeared to be having a gathering.

Trooper Curtin was able to speak with people at the residence and determined through a portable breath test device that at least 4 minors had been drinking. During the investigation a vehicle pulled into the driveway and a subject entered the garage. Trooper Curtin determined the individual was operating under the influence and arrested him for OUI and Violating Condidtions of Release.

As a result of the investigation, the homeowner 59-year-old Allen Baron of St. David was later charged with allowing minors to possess or consume alcohol.  The 4 minors from the surrounding area were charged for possession of alcohol and the one driving with OUI and violating conditions of release.

Trooper Curtin is still in the process of conducting more interviews and speaking with parents.  Anyone with information about this underage drinking party or others like it is encouraged to call the Maine State Police at 532-5400.

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