What happens when the biggest song on the charts crosses paths with one of the biggest movie franchises in the industry? Magic. Magic is what happens.

The fine folks at Nerdist have done it again, and created a fabulous parody of the mega-hit, Grammy and Oscar winning Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper  song "Shallow", from A Star Is Born. And they've managed to incorporate the newest Star Wars characters into the performance. Being a fan of both, I think they've done a fabulous job! The song is actually well written and sung and video manages to weave in scenes from both movies brilliantly.

So, in honor of a.) it being Friday, and really what the heck else do you have to do? and b.) the top song in the nation right now, "Shallow" (don't forget we've got that flyaway contest to go see Lady Gaga going on right now! and c.) my love for all things Star Wars, I offer you this delicious little video morsel for your viewing pleasure this afternoon!


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