People had lots of opinions. Which restaurant would you suggest?

A Maine Reddit poster asked a question that makes a lot of sense if you aren’t from Greater Bangor. Where do you go out for a nice dinner?

Any good restaurants in the Bangor area?
My partner and I are looking to take his mom out for a nice dinner on Thursday. I’m not really familiar with the restaurants in the area, we’ve been to a couple but I haven’t found anything I’m dying to try again. Not looking for anything super expensive or fancy but nicer than Applebees lol.

It’s kind of a broad question, but they specifically mentioned that it should be something out of the ordinary, meaning no Applebee’s, or Buffalo Wild Wings, type of chain options. Not sure if "fancy" is the word, but they are looking for more of a conventional sit-down type of experience.

When it comes to a nice meal, maybe we don’t have the dazzling variety that Portland does, but we do offer a pretty solid amount of options.

So naturally when someone poses a question to a site like Reddit, people are more than happy to weigh in with their suggestions. You will notice some of our best are represented in the comments, including a new restaurant that recently moved into a location in Downtown Bangor

Check it out:

My shortlist for small, locally-owned spots is Novios, Utopia, 11 Central, Blaze, Timber, and The Tarrantine. There are some others that I'm sure folks will list, but these are my preferred spots. Novios is the most expensive, but totally worth it for a special occasion.

I've been to Paddy's once and thought it was a great Irish pub. Good food and beer. People who live more local to Bangor may say otherwise though.

It depends on what you like. Fancy fancy will be some of the places listed earlier, like 11 Central, Evenrood’s, Tarratine, etc. For the more budget-minded, I’ll back up the suggestions of Mason’s and Geaghan’s and also recommend the flagship Orono Brewing location on Margin Street in Orono if you enjoy good burgers, fish tacos, etc.

Green Tea is my go-to every time I'm in town. I don't know how you feel about sushi, but it's what I get every time. It's the best I've ever had, even better than the 4-star stuff I had on a cruise last year.

The new place that opened in Fiddlehead, the Butcher the Baker, is getting good press. Haven't eaten there myself yet, but the menu pictures look appetizing. If you're willing to go 20 minutes north, Kanu in Old Town is really, really good.

Paddy Murphys, Umami, Blaze, Smoke and Steel, Portland Pie Company

Best value, food, and friendliest staff, Mad Kats in Brewer if you are not looking for fancy

Utopia and Geaghans!

Moved here 6 months ago and Blaze is my favorite so far!

Lots of great suggestions already. I'd also add Kosta's in Brewer to the list – a very nice restaurant for dining with pretty reasonable prices and a good variety on the menu (Greek, Italian, American).

I also hit Tacorita (Orono) and Moe's BBQ (Bangor) a lot for take-out. Probably not places you'd go for a nice dinner since the restaurants themselves aren't very fancy, but the food's really good.

Evenroods and Timber are both good options but are on the pricier end. Kanú up in Old Town isn't bad. Thai orchid in Orono is a cute little spot too.

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