It was not all that long ago that most major movies and TV shows were either shot in California (because of the weather) or in other countries (because it was cheap).  That's why so many shows in the 80s and 90s had actors with Canadian accents.

Over the last few decades, that has changed quite a bit, though.  We are seeing more states offering film production companies major tax breaks as an incentive to film there.  Georgia, for example.

If it could happen to Georgia, could it happen here in Maine?  Could we one day see Tom Cruise or Jennifer Lawrence filming movies in Augusta, Waterville, or Boothbay Harbor?  Maybe...

A new bill before the Maine Legislature could make Maine the next go-to state for filming movies and TV shows.

Denise Jans / Unsplash
Denise Jans / Unsplash

According to the Maine Legislature website, LD 1075 (S. P. 444) was proposed by Senator Daughtry, of Cumberland.

The bill is titled "An Act to Promote Economic Growth Through Increased Film Incentives" and the goal is to change tax laws for filmmakers in order to entice production companies to choose Maine as a filming location.

The summary of the bill says, in part:

This bill makes multiple changes to the tax credits available to visual media production companies operating in the State. The bill makes the available tax credits refundable and transferable, increases the credits for certain expenses incurred in Maine and for hiring residents of Maine and offers additional credits for visual media productions that are located in certain Maine counties, are set in Maine or have a lead cast member, writer or director who is a Maine resident.

One of the other key parts of the bill is that it would set a $500,000 limit on tax credits.  That tax credit limit would jump to $1,000,000 on 2027.

Read the whole bill HERE and follow its progress HERE

What do you think?  It could be a big boost for the state's economy.  You could potentially have tens of thousands of extra people rolling into the state each year.  Actors, producers, camera operators, gaffers, etc.  Let us know your thoughts by sending us a message through our app.

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