I don't need to tell you what's already obvious and has been since last March -- this pandemic is destroying so much. Small businesses, employment status -- you name it, it's destroying it. But unfortunately, one thing that it's not destroying but instead is growing rapidly -- hunger.

It's a problem everywhere, but it feels like a problem that's a bit extra in Maine. And while it's already an issue, according to Channel 8 WMTW, it's predicted that hunger in the state could grow by 16% -- AND THAT INCLUDES 60,000 CHILDREN.

I'm sorry, this may be a real old school mentality I'm taking right now, but the only thing a kid should have to worry about is how much it stings to have hydrogen peroxide put on a cut when you skin your knee, or how quickly you can finish your homework so you can play with friends (whether it's outdoors, indoors on an app -- whatever). The LAST thing they should have to worry about is how they're getting their next meal, or IF there will be a next meal they can have.

That's where Good Shepherd Food Bank is stepping in. Being Maine's largest hunger-relief organization, they've taken on the massive responsibility and goal to end hunger all together in Maine by the end of 2025. And they just launched a $250 million Campaign to End Hunger to make it happen.

Bold move to try and raise $250 million during a pandemic, right? Wrong. Because, as I've outlined on the show and other posts time and time again (here comes your favorite line) -- NO ONE TAKES CARE OF THEIR OWN LIKE NEW ENGLANDERS. Good Shepherd has actually seen an uptick in donations and selflessness during the pandemic.

I think it's because we know how dire the situation is getting and how much help is needed. That's why we're leaving huge tips to servers if we visit restaurants, or even spending more on takeout than normal from local restaurants -- because there's A LOT of need happening right now in OUR HOUSE.

So far, Good Shepherd has raised a good $115 million, so they're almost halfway there, but another $135 million is a TALL task to try and conquer by the end of 2025. But it's entirely possible, mainly because we all reek of awesome. I feel like the world is starting to come back around and we're going to start getting a handle on the pandemic, which will (hopefully) put us all in a better financial situation, which can only add to kicking hunger in the junk (I mean, maybe that was aggressive, but is it NOT what hunger deserves?)

If you have the means to help Good Shepherd reach their goal right now, EVERY donation helps, whether it's a penny or a million bucks. You can donate now on their website.

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