Take notes, this dude knows his stuff!

Summer is about to kick into full swing, and that means fair season here in Maine. This list of places you can visit and have fun is pretty staggering, which can be confusing. Not to worry, one expert breaks down his favorites.

Doug Schauf, has his own YouTube channel called “Make Maine Your Home” that covers a variety of topics regarding the Pine Tree State, including a video about one of the most exciting things about summer here in the 207.

Maine is legendary for some of the best fairs in the country, so Doug breaks down his favorites in this video.

The Fryeburg Fair, is a mix of everything that makes a fair going experience so much fun. Great food, exciting midway rides, animals, tractor pulls, and a bunch more family friendly activities.

The Common Ground Country Fair, specializes in agricultural events, plus delicious produce from Maine’s Organic Farmers, local hand crafted goods for sale, animal demonstrations, and events for the kiddos.

He also shouts out the iconic Bangor State Fair, and the awesome demolition derbies, and of course food!

His final recommendation is the Cumberland County Fair, which is just about to kick off another year.

The 2022 lineup is pretty impressive. so get ready for a summer of fun in the 207

The 2022 Maine Fair Schedule

Monmouth Fair
2022 June 16-19

Houlton Agricultural Fair
2022 July 1-4

Ossipee Valley Fair
2022 July 7-10

Waterford World's Fair
2022 July 15-17

Pittston Fair
2022 July 21-24

Union Fair
2022 July 27-July 31

Bangor State Fair
2022 August 4-August 7

Northern Maine Fair
2022 July 30-August 7

Topsham Fair
2022 August 7-14

Skowhegan State Fair
2022 August 11-20

Maine Farm Days
2022 August 24-26

Acton Fair
2022 August 26-29

Piscataquis Valley Fair
2022 August 25-28

Washington County Fair
2022 August 20-21

Windsor Fair
2022 August 28-September 5

Blue Hill Fair
2022 September 1-5

Harmony Free Fair
2022 September 2-5

Springfield Fair
2022 September 3

Clinton Lions Agricultural Fair
2022 September 8-11

Litchfield Fair
2022 September 9-11

Oxford Fair
2022 September 14-17

New Portland Lions Fair
2022 September 16-18

Farmington Fair
2022 September 18-24

Common Ground Country Fair
2022 September 23-25

Cumberland Fair
2022 September 25-October 1

Fryeburg Fair
2022 October 2-9

2022 Amusement Park Openings In New England

Here's when those of us in the Northeast can expect to head out and enjoy some summer fun close to home.

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