The summer of 2024 is going to be a blast!

Who wants a doughboy? After the harsh reality of this winter is long gone, we will have so many things to look forward to once again. And it just wouldn't be summer and fall in the State of Maine without the fair!

Hard not to dream of hot summer days and nights, especially when we are smack dab in the throws of January, with some interesting weather headed our way in the coming days.

The folks at Maine Fairs have released the scheduled dates for the 2024 State Fair season, including the iconic Bangor State Fair, which cranks things up from July 25th-August 3rd.

The thought of going on rides, listening to live music, playing games, and enjoying French fries with vinegar on a hot summer day, is too good to pass up

For all things fair-related, you can check out the Maine Fairs website

Here is how it will all break down!

The 2024 Maine Fair Schedule

Springfield Fair
2024 June 13th-June 16th

Pittston Fair
2024 July 20th-23th

Monmouth Fair
2024 June 26th-June 29th

Union Fair
2024 July 7th-July 10th

Ossipee Valley Fair
2024 July 11th-July 14th

Houlton Agricultural Fair
2024 July 18th-July 21st

Waterford World's Fair
2024 July 19th-July 21st

Northern Maine Fair
2024 July 31st-August 4th

Bangor State Fair
2024 July 25th-August 3rd

Northern Maine Fair
2024 July 31-August 4th

Topsham Fair
2024 August 6th-August 11th

Skowhegan State Fair
2024 August 8th-August 17th

Acton Fair
2024 August 22nd-August 25th

Piscataquis Valley Fair
2024 August 22nd-August 25th

Washington County Fair
2024 August 24th-August 25th

Windsor Fair
2024 August 25h-September 2nd

Blue Hill Fair
2024 August 29th-September 2nd4

Harmony Free Fair
2024 August 30th-September 1-4

Clinton Lions Agricultural Fair
2024 September 5th-September 8th

Litchfield Fair
2024 September 8th-September 8th

Oxford Fair
2024 September 13-16

New Portland Lions Fair
2024 September 11th-September 14th

Farmington Fair
2024 September 15th-September 21st

Common Ground Country Fair
2024 September 20th-September 22nd

Cumberland Fair
2024 September 22nd-September 28th

Fryeburg Fair
2024 September 29th-October 6th

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