Possibly the spookiest town in the state embraces it's spooky side and hosts Halloween activities for all ages in Bucksport.

Main St. in Bucksport, known for the spooky grave of Jonathan Buck, will be even creepier as ghouls and goblins take over. October 21 from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. there will be fun for all ages.

Beginning with the Lil' Goblins Parade down Main St. and ending with the showing of 'IT' at the Alamo Theatre. There will also be dozens of vendors along the waterfront and food for all!

Don't miss the pumpkin slingshot where you can pick a pumpkin to be flung into the Penobscot River. Also there will be the annual 'Race to the Grave' where coffins are raced down Main. St.

Other activities include a pumpkin carving contest, a dance party, craft events, and Fireworks from Fort Knox at 9:15PM coinciding with Fright at the Fort.

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