Imagine Dragons Performs In Bangor

Living in and around Bangor has definitely become much more exciting now that some major acts are coming to the Queen City.

Over the years, we've seen quite a few big country acts and some stellar classic rock acts grace the stage at the waterfront and at the Cross Insurance Arena but more popular artists have been few and far between.

That is until this year's lineup. Since the announcement of this year's shows for the summer, Imagine Dragons has to be the most anticipated act to come to Bangor this summer. Now that the show has come and gone, it can be guaranteed that every person that got to go to this sold-out show was not disappointed.

I feel pretty confident that, despite the concert season just beginning that Imagine Dragons will be the best act that played here in Bangor for the 2018 concert season.

With that being said here are the six reasons why the Imagine Dragons show here in Bangor was and will be the best show of the summer. It is a list of opinion/fact and a way for those that got to attend to smugly smile, nod along and say, "I'm so glad I went to that show."

P.S. Sooooo sorry if you didn't get to go. After all, it did sell out. But, there's some great videos to check out below so you can see why it kicked ass. Feel free to nod along while you read the list.

P.S.S. Use of English grammar is useless here so, be prepared for many, many run on sentences.

  • 1

    Grace Vanderwaal

    This super talented singer/songwriter started the show and was the perfect supporting act for this tour. She had catchy songs and a spunky attitude and her talent is inspiring. She started her career by winning 'America's Got Talent' and is now a recording artist AND on tour with the world's most favorite band. CAN NOT WAIT to hear more from Grace. Yes, yes, yes!

  • 2

    The Band Is Wrecking the Charts RIGHT NOW!

    If there is anytime to revel in the supreme awesomeness of Imagine Dragons, it's right now.

    They have charted hit after hit since last fall and have continued to do so. This is what Bangor wants- relevant acts! It's happening now and we get to share in the happening!

  • 3

    We Love Dan Reynolds!

    So much charisma and he's so fun to watch! He is truly enjoying his time up there and we can see it and we want to be a part of it.

    I'm not sure what you would call yourself if you're crushing on this guy like I am I'm thinking there is an opportunity for a Game of Throne's link in there somewhere- Daenerys'?!? Trying to combine Dan, queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Maybe you can spell this out for me.

    Plus, he's really into equal rights and seems like a great role model for the next generation.

    Plus, he's handsome. And, that's not nothing.

  • 4

    My God- the Children!!!

    Nothing was more exciting than seeing a flood of preteens and teenagers at a show on the waterfront.  This is the next generation and they were excited to see the same show that I was. Really, this item on the list should be titled "The Kids Like It Which Makes Me Not Feel So Old."

    For real, though, I got to take my kids to this show and I'm so excited that this was their first official concert experience.

  • 6

    You Knew (Nearly) Every Song on the Setlist

    Didn't realize Imagine Dragons had that many songs you knew, did you?! Every song was a song you heard before- AND, that you could sing along to, like, you knew the words. It's the sign of a truly great band when you forgot you knew that song... and THAT song... oh, and that one, too!

  • 5

    Confetti Is Fun

    Ke$ha did it a few years ago, I know. And, I'm sure the Waterfront Concerts staff shuttered to see the confetti cannon go off while attendees were shocked with elation BUT, confetti is a great way to celebrate such a great experience with a great band in a great town on a great night. Great! Amazing! Wonderful!

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