Get ready to get out and stretch those legs- all six of them! The Animal Orphanage of Old Town is putting on their 2022 5k Pet Run/Walk coming up Sunday, April 24th.

Things kick off at the Old Town Orono YMCA at 9 AM.

Usually, this event is timed but things will be different this year and will not include timing.

More Than Just A Race/Walk

What will make this race a little extra special is offering a bit of a spectacle for participants to be a part of. Participants can add a little extra to the run by throwing on costumes, for the humans or the pets.

Registration Details

This event is for the whole family- mom, dad, sister, brother, and 4-legged furry family members, too. Want to take part? Registration begins at 9 AM and the run/walk begins at 10:30 AM. Individual walkers and runners can participate for $20. Families (which are 2 to 5 registrants) can participate for $30. If you plan on bringing your pet, you must have your pet leashed.

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There are prizes to be won by the participants of this event, human and furry friends alike. There are prizes for the top 3 finishers. A prize will be given to the first dog and the first cat to finish the race. Those with costumes will be a part of special awards and categories for best costumes: best pet costume, best participant customer, best family costume.

Check out the event on Facebook for this event: 'The Animal orphanage 2022 5k Pet Run/Walk' hosted by Old Town Orono YMCA. Check out the event on Facebook and follow the discussion to stay up-to-date.

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